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26th January 2011

TOR2 supports Post Offices and local businesses

TOR2 is working closely with a number of local Post Offices and other local businesses who are now stocking compostable starch liners that are suitable for the food waste caddies used by customers in Torbay.

The introduction of a weekly food waste collection for all Torbay residents is one of the improvements introduced by TOR2. Prior to the introduction of this service, food waste accounted for more than a third of Torbay's residual waste - so this is an effective way to increase Torbay's recycling rate. Recycling food waste is also beneficial to the environment; it reduces harmful gases released into the atmosphere and pollutants released into groundwater.

The liners are made of cornstarch (GM free) and resemble a plastic bag, but compost completely. The liners make it easy and clean to transfer food and contain odours, and also help to keep bins and caddies clean.

Currently five Post Offices – Marlon, Preston, White Rock, Brixham and Broadpark - are stocking the liners and TOR2 is hoping more will do so in the coming weeks. They can also be purchased from The Kitchen Shop in The Strand, Torquay and The Handyman in Pillar Avenue, Brixham.

TOR2 is also selling the liners directly to the public at the Household Waste Recycling Centre or the main Aspen Way office, both of which are located on Yalberton Industrial Estate, Paignton. Alternatively customers can have the liners posted to them, with discounts available for bulk buying.

Alastair Campbell, director of TOR2, said: “We feel this is a great way to support local businesses. Post Offices are still central to the community and our approach ensures that replacement starch liners are easily accessible to all of our customers.”

For residents who have difficulty getting to any of the outlets to purchase the liners – or who want to avoid the cost of the liners - newspaper is an acceptable and compostable way of containing food waste.

Click here for full address details for the stockists and for more information about the liners and food waste recycling.