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25th October 2010

Big Tidy Up is a team effort

TOR2 joined forces with right-minded residents in Watcombe to participate in the Big Tidy Up project.

The conscientious cleaners came together to pick up litter, garden, paint and generally remove unwanted household goods from the area. 50 residents and 70 volunteers took part in the event and there were also two supervised teams from the Community Payback Project.

The Big Tidy Up is a national campaign which aims to get people outside and busy clearing their local area of litter. Big Tidy Up activities come in all shapes and sizes and can be completed by an individual or a group.

The Big Tidy Up is a great way to socialise and make new friends who share a goal to clean up the local environment, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny. Kits containing items including tabards, refuse sacks and guides can be requested from The Big Tidy Up website, free of charge.

Thousands of people across England have already taken part including primary and secondary schools, uniformed groups, residents’ associations and businesses. Many people make the Big Tidy Up a social event, for example by finishing the activity with a barbeque. The Big Tidy Up website contains loads of examples of how you could help clean up your area.

Alastair Campbell, project director for TOR2, said: “All credit to the people of Watcombe for taking part in the Big Tidy-Up. It’s a great scheme and we’re happy to help other community groups interested in organising their own Big Tidy Up.”